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                      Maker of fine screw machine products.

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Providing Quality Screw Machine Products For Thirty Years!






Here at Unique Metal Turning we still believe in giving our customers the best service for the best price. Serving industry screw machine needs since 1976, we know what can be done with craftsmenship, years of experience and low over-head. Even though quality controls and equipment have much improved, the screw machine craft has not changed much through it's years. Precision product at high speeds! The way machining was done long before the NC and then the CNC machines. We are fully committed to automatic screw machining and highly flexible secondary processes.

We have many types and sizes of carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and brass in stock at all times. This often allow's us to take and ship your hot orders the same day! For our repeat customers, any over runs are placed in stock ready to ship at any time. No one in industry or production likes to be in a tight spot!

Our bar feed capabilities range from the smallest sizes up to 2 inch. With the versatility of our automatic lathe's and the speed of the automatic screw machines we are talking quick turn around ..... Lots of parts fast!

We understand our customers needs and when we form a relationship with a customer, we are on the same team. If it can be done we are going to do it and with a home owned family touch.

Unique Metal Turning Co., Inc.
125 East Main Street
Ash Grove, Mo 65604