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                      Maker of fine screw machine products.

   125 East Main Street - Ash Grove, Mo 65604

Providing Quality Screw Machine Products For Thirty Years!

This is Edward S. Grant... Sometimes if you time it just right you catch Dad working. He tries not to do that very often and has a right to...he has been doing this for over 4o years! Even as busy as he is now days, he still finds time to help us with the"gotta go" jobs. He can often be found on a hot local delivery, plate run, parts run or local KFC!

Meet Dennis Parnell...Dennis has been employed at Unique for over 23 years. He performs lead set-ups and operates the automatic lathes as well as multi-spindle operations. When not at work you can find Dennis and his son Billy hunting, fishing, camping or cleaning his gun collection.

Meet Danny Parnell...Danny has been employed at Unique for near 20 years now. Danny operates up to 9 machines and performs set-ups as well. Like his brother Dennis, he also can be found hunting or fishing near by. Danny and his wife Debbie have two boys and a girl.

Meet Nathan P. Grant... Nathan, Paul's son, is a third generation of family here at Unique. He has been here for well over 10 years and operates up to ten machines as well as many other operations. Nathan lives here in Ash Grove, is single and his hobbies are also hunting and fishing.

This is Ron Hoyt...Ron has been employed at Unique going on seven years now. He and his wife Sharon also live in Ash Grove. Ron performs secondary set-ups, fixturing, and secondary operations as well as many other project follow ups.

The new guy Kerry...Kerry has been with us just a few months. He is single and lives here in the Ash Grove area. Kerry performs some assemblies, secondary operations, and general clean-up. His hobbies are playing baseball and chasing girls!

This is David W.Grant
...David has been employed at Unique Metal Turning for over 20 years. He is in charge of the primary plant operations, accounts payable and receivable, set-ups, maintenance, repairs, ordering supplies...etc. He and his wife Kim live in Ash Grove and have two children, a boy and a girl. Jacob is 12 and Aiden is almost 4 years old. While not at work David enjoys wood working, motorcycle riding, and working on his old tractor restoration project.

This is Paul E.Grant
...in the middle of some quotations. Paul has also been employed at Unique Metal Turning for over 20 years. He is also in charge of the primary plant operations, quoting, scheduling, designs, set-ups, maintenance, material ordering...etc. He and his wife Pam have two young boys at home. Tanner is 11 years old and Brenden is 6 years of age. Paul's hobbies are amateur radio, building and working with computers, playing music in a blues band, motorcycle riding and many others.

Unique Metal Turning Co., Inc.
125 East Main Street
Ash Grove, Mo 65604